Discover the Manchester Candles range of handmade soy candles and wax melts. With various sizes available you can treat yourself to a naturaly beautiful candle or wax melt that will smell great and create an inviting warm glow in your home. Can’t decide? Try out sample boxes to find your new favourite fragrance. 

Every Manchester Candle wax melt or candle has been lovingly hand poured by myself right here in the North West. My handmade soy candles are made with a blend of rapeseed and soy wax for cleaner burn and a stronger scent throw. My wax melts are made with a 100% soy wax and the highest quality fragrance oils. Made with natural soy wax from sustainable sources these candles and wax melts burn and melt slowly and evenly, giving you hours of beautiful fragrance. Find out how to get the most from my candles here. 

Theres nothing quite like lighting a beautiful candle in the evening and basking in the warm glow of the flickering flame. Wether you choose one of my jar candles or go for one a wax melt instead, you are sure to find a fragrance you love. Why not try a sample box to find a new favourite? With our most popular fragrances available in our core range all year round and seasonal fragrances changing every three months, you are sure to find a fragrance to fall in love with. My Christmas range launches October 1st, but in the mean time why not try the Halloween Collection for some spooky shapes and frightening fragrances. 

All my wax melts come to you individually wrapped to prevent the scent from leaching out and to allow for the application of CLP. All candles come boxed unless stated otherwise. 

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